Wine in Grocery Stores in Tennessee

18 January 2013 Categories: All Blogs

For those of you who don’t know, many people, including the grocery store lobby, have been pushing for a new law in Tennessee that would allow wine to be sold in grocery stores. The liquor store owners and supports have been fighting back against this law. As you may know, anything over 6% alcohol, which includes high-gravity beers, wine, and liquor can only be sold by a liquor store or by a restaurant serving a drink. Groceries stores have been trying for the last few years to be able to add wine sales in their stores. Many other states allow grocery stores to sell wine and beer, but not liquor. From what we’ve heard, the proposed change in Tennessee law has a better chance of changing this year that it ever has. It will be an interesting law to keep an eye on as the legislative session begins.


2/25/2013 Update from News Channel 5

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