The benefits of proper Estate Planning

19 April 2010 Categories: All Blogs, Estate Planning

It’s all in the planning when it comes to managing your personal estate.

You often hear the horror stories about the probate process when a loved one passes:

• “the attorney got more money that we did”
• “the state ended up with the property”
• “we had to pay half of our inheritance in taxes”

If these stories are true, why do people have such troubling experiences with the process? The answer is LACK OF PLANNING.

The probate process is not as difficult as the stories make it out to be, but most people don’t hear about the attorney helping a family member quickly and painlessly go through the probate process. With a proper estate plan in place, no matter the size of your estate, probate can be done quickly or even avoided completely if necessary.

There are many documents to consider when developing the estate plan including wills, living trusts, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, irrevocable and revocable trusts, and living wills. It is important to meet with a licensed Tennessee attorney that specializes in estate planning.

This attorney will be able to create a set of documents to fit your situation and guide you through the planning process.

The attorneys at McNulty & Associates specialize in estate planning for small estates to large estates. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you plan for your future.

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