Tennessee Tort Reform – Economic Damages v. Non-Economic Damages

25 August 2011 Categories: All Blogs, Car Accident, Personal Injury

The Tennessee Tort Reform that was passed during the last session of congress in Tennessee has recently made the news again with some groups seeking changes this upcoming legislative session. One of the issues that people need to be aware of is the difference between economic and non-economic damages. The non-economic damages are capped under the tort reform laws, not the economic damages. The list below will give you an idea of some different types of damages that could be requested in a personal injury case in Tennessee.


1. Physical pain and suffering — past
2. Physical pain and suffering — future
3. Permanent impairment and/or disfigurement
4. Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life — past
5. Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life — future


1. Medical care services to date
2. Future medical care services
3. Value of earning capacity lost — past
4. Value of earning capacity lost — future

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