Tennessee Supreme Court upholds verdict in Tri-State Crematory Case

25 September 2012 Categories: Uncategorized

It has been over ten years since the Chattanooga area were rocked by the news that their loved ones were not treated the way they should have been when they were to be cremated. Hundreds of family members had to relive the loss of their loved ones when it was discovered that a crematory operated by T. Ray Brent Marsh was simply burying bodies and not cremating the remains as he was hired to do. This was one of the first cases I worked on as a law clerk in Cleveland, TN. I would speak to family members who thought that something was wrong but never thought to question the funeral homes or crematories that handled their family members’ remains. I was touched by the stories I would hear.

A couple of days ago, one of the last remaining cases against Mr. Marsh was heard by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The Court upheld a jury verdict against Mr. Marsh for intentionally infliction of emotional distress. You can read the verdict by clicking on this link – RONDAL AKERS ET AL. v. PRIME SUCCESSION OF TENNESSEE, INC., ET AL.

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