Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

30 July 2013 Categories: All Blogs

The 2013  sales tax holiday is this weekend, August 2nd through 4th. We posted a blog post back in 2011 that has the Tennessee law that grants the holiday (Click Here).

The main 3 categories of tax free items this weekend are:

  • Clothing $100 or less
  • School Supplies $100 or less
  • Computers $1,500 or less

While the purpose of the tax holiday is to help students and parents of students purchase items for back to school, it is not a requirement to buy the items this weekend. They are tax free for everyone. The Tennessee government’s website also has more information on what is tax free and what is not.

You may see many advertisements this week about non-approved items being sold tax free this weekend. This is usually a store that is having a sale in which the store pays the sales tax on your behalf.

McNulty & Associates, PLLC does not specialize in tax law and this should not be taken as tax advice. We just want our readers to be aware of the laws in Tennessee.

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