Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday – August 3rd – 5th

01 August 2012 Categories: All Blogs

This year’s sales tax holiday is August 3rd through 5th. Check out our blog post from last year if you would like to read the Tennessee law that grants the holiday.

Last year after our post we had a few comments that this holiday was useless because you can always get items tax free on websites such as Amazon. This is just not true. While Amazon is not yet collecting sales tax, items purchased for use in Tennessee are typically subject to the Tennessee Use Tax (Our Blog on the Use Tax). Amazon is now even sending messages to Tennessee customers reminding them about the Use Tax.

You may see many advertisements this week about non-approved items being sold tax free this weekend. This is usually a store that is having a sale in which the store pays the sales tax on your behalf. The Tennessee government’s website also has more information on what is tax free and what is not.

McNulty & Associates does not specialize in tax law and this should not be taken as tax advice. We just want our readers to be aware of the laws, and hope to correct some of the misunderstandings.  Bottom line: if you want to buy an approved item tax free, buy it this weekend!

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