Tennessee Rules of The Road – Emerging from Alley or Driveway

18 April 2012 Categories: All Blogs, Car Accident, Personal Injury

While walking and driving around downtown Nashville on a daily basis, we often see people pulling out of alleys and driveways that do not look for pedestrians on the sidewalks. The pedestrians have the right of way and you must yield to them. Many of the entrances/exits of alleys and driveways in Nashville have large mirrors positioned so you can check to see if anyone is walking.

55-8-150.  Emerging from alley, driveway or building.

  The driver of a vehicle within a business or residence district emerging from an alley, driveway or building shall stop the vehicle immediately prior to driving onto a sidewalk or onto the sidewalk area extending across any alleyway or driveway, and shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian as may be necessary to avoid collision, and upon entering the roadway shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching on the roadway.

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