Tennessee Representative kicked out of court for bringing dog with her

23 March 2012 Categories: Uncategorized

Tennessee politicians are an entertaining bunch to say the least. It seems that not a week goes by without a Tennessee politician making news for their controversial remarks (see Stacey Campfield’s hilariously innaccurate comments about HIV), domestic violence (see David Hawk) or DUI with a loaded gun (See Curry Todd). The one politician that might be entertaining for years to come, if her contingents ensure to keep voting her into office, should be Representative Julia Hurley from Lenoir City.

If you haven’t heard of Julia Hurley, she is a former Hooter’s waitress that was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in the 2010 election. Ms. Hurley first made news by carving her initials into her desk after a couple months on the job. Recently, Ms. Hurley was kicked out of the Roane County Courthouse for bringing her personal dog into the courthouse. LINK to story.  She defended her actions by saying that she simply didn’t know that dogs were not allowed in the courthouse (WOW!) and that her 11 pound dog is actually a service dog even though it was performing no service when she bought the dog into the courthouse. Please follow this LINK to see video about the story.

I don’t know about you but I am thrilled to hear about her antics for years to come!

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