Tennessee Gun Bill SB 3002/HB 3560

03 April 2012 Categories: All Blogs

Tennessee Gun Bill SB 3002/HB 3560

We read an article from the Tennessean about the impact a bill (SB 3002/HB 3560) involving gun rights could have on Tennessee’s businesses.  One of the unique things about this bill is that a new civil cause of action would be created. At a time when tort reform is being heavily promoted in Tennessee because of claims businesses are not willing to move here, this bill specifically gives people a new way to sue businesses. The bills seems to be at odds with the tort reform goals, but it is being pushed through because of the “gun rights” claim. The bigger issue with this bill is a constitutional one, and it could end up in front of the Tennessee Supreme Court if passed. The Supreme Court would have to weigh the business owner’s right to set their own rules on their property against an individual’s right to carry a weapon. The issue that would be argued by both sides would be safety. The business owners would claim they don’t want weapons on their property for the safety of their employees and customers, much like Steven Andre discusses in the article. The individuals would argue that they need the gun in their car for their own safety.

SB3002 <– Read the full bill

Whether you are for or against the bill, we strive to show you both sides of the argument and encourage Tennesseans to read the bills. Many times they incorporate more than what the headlines say. They can all be found on the legislature’s website.


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