POSSIBLE SCAM ALERT: We have received a few phone calls recently from people being called by McNulty & Associates trying to collect on a debt. If you get a call from these people, they are in no way associated with our firm. We do not handle consumer debt collection. The reports are that it is a 619 area code, which is out of California. Any collection services we offer are in regards to judgments  for clients we represented during a civil trial or judgments that have already been obtained.

We are Collection Attorneys for the State of Tennessee.  As Tennessee Collection Attorneys, we understand the importance of getting your Tennessee Debt Collection Claims handled appropriately. Our Collection Attorney Services have been instrumental in providing creditors with professional, ethical and expeditious recovery of debts owed in the State of Tennessee for years.

Tennessee Collection Attorney Contingent Fees: Our contingent fees are based on the premise of no collection, no pay. The contingent fees are based upon a percentage of what we collect. With a Collection Attorney, you are more likely to recover the debt then if you utilize out of state collection attorneys to attempt collection of your claim.

Litigation With Our Tennessee Collection Attorneys: Our Collection Attorneys can litigate your claims in the Tennessee courts, which in many cases, will bring about a settlement to your case even if that means bringing suit to claim what is yours.  Our Collection Attorneys pursue your  claim from the beginning of the collection process through litigation if necessary.