Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee Law

20 September 2010 Categories: All Blogs, Estate Planning, Family Law and Divorce

Many people ponder the possibility of entering into a pre-nup agreement before marriage. A pre-nup, or antenuptial agreement as it is called under Tennessee law, often has a negative stereotype associated with it because many people believe it is only entered into when there is distrust in the relationship and the party fears a divorce. This is not always the case. Pre-nup agreements come into play in the case of divorce or death of one of the parties and are often used to provide for care of the other spouse in either of those events. Many of the agreements are built on fairness and provide more for the spouse than a court would find in an alimony hearing.

If you are getting married in the near future and are considering a pre-nup it is a good idea to speak with an experienced Tennessee attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Courts often look when enforcing an agreement as to whether the parties had their own attorneys so that there is no unfair advantage for one party.

McNulty & Associates offers free pre-nup consultations for individuals looking to enter into the agreement and people who have been presented with an agreement to sign. Call us today!

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