Person Represented By Counsel

27 March 2013 Categories: All Blogs

We posted a blog back in 2011 about potential contacting us requesting a second opinion on what their attorney has told them. Unlike in the practice of medicine, the Supreme Court of Tennessee has made a rule preventing lawyers from giving second opinions to people already represented.


We occasionally get calls by people that are represented by an attorney, but are unhappy with their representation, usually because of a lack of communication. This rule also applies to those people. If anyone contacts our office that is currently represented, our policy is that we can not give them any advice until we know they are no longer represented. This often is frustrating to callers because the reason they called is because they cannot get in touch with their attorney.

We encourage the callers to give their attorney adequate time to respond, and that if they are still unhappy, to send a letter to the attorney stating they wish to end the attorney/client relationship effective immediately. If they can provide a copy of that letter to us, we will be glad to discuss how McNulty & Associates, PLLC can provide help moving forward with their case. Our goal is never to take clients away from another attorney, but rather to try to help someone frustrated with the current situation they are in.

Here at McNulty & Associates, PLLC, we encourage the people we represent to be comfortable in all decisions made and request that they ask questions along the way. We understand that while we work in the legal field every day, many people we represent are going through their first court proceeding, and will have many questions about the process.

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