McNulty & Associates welcomes Luke Bottorff to the firm!

16 October 2012 Categories: All Blogs

McNulty & Associates is proud to announce that Luke Bottorff has finished law school, passed the Tennessee State Bar and now will be an associate attorney at McNulty & Associates.

As the managing partner of McNulty & Associates, I have had a front row seat to all the hard work that Mr. Bottorff has endured while working full time as an assistant with the firm. Mr. Bottorff would work a full day at the firm and then attend his classes for law school at night. I was also saw the countless hours that Mr. Bottorff spent studying for the bar exam. I am truly grateful to Mr. Bottorff and am thrilled to see he is rewarded for all of this hard work.

For those reading this post that do not know Mr. Bottorff, he has been a hard working member of this firm since its inception. I am honored to welcome him in his new role as an associate and I am completely confident that he will embrace his new position with the firm.

Congratulations Luke and I am proud to now call you Luke Bottorff, attorney at law!

McNulty & Associates

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