Getting a refund on your 2011 Tax Return? – Invest in your family’s future

16 April 2012 Categories: All Blogs, Estate Planning

Many people in Tennessee will be receiving a tax refund from the filing of their 2011 Tax Return and looking for a great way to spend that money. Why not use that money wisely and invest in your family’s future?

If you have children and have not yet set up a will, you could be forcing your family to spend more money than needed in attorney’s fees and court costs if something were to happen to you. Why not take part of your tax refund and focus on estate planning?

McNulty and Associates is offering a discount on your wills and other estate planning documents when you mention that you are using your tax refund to help plan for your family’s future. Call us today to receive 15% off our standard feesWe look forward to working with you on your estate planning needs. Discount expired May 31st, 2012.

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