Get A Different Name Day

18 February 2013 Categories: All Blogs, Nashville Attorney

Did you know that February 13th each year is Get a Different Name Day? Yeah, we just realized it, too. Hallmark has it on their website, so it must be valid, right?

If you are interested in changing your name, you often have to go to court to do it. Call us today to set up a free consultation. Below is the initial information we would need you to bring:

  1. Full Legal Name:
  2. Any other names you have gone by:
  3. County of Residence:
  4. Address:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. Place of Birth:
  7. Are you subject to the supervision of the Tennessee Department of Correction:
  8. Are you filing a name change to defraud creditors or evade service of process:
  9. Does your name change affect the rights of any minor child:
  10. Have you been convicted of a felony:
  11. What are the reasons for you changing your name:
  12. our desired new legal name:

Documents needed: copy of Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, and Social Security Card

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