Friday Tip: Review your Uninsured Motorist Coverage

23 September 2011 Categories: All Blogs, Car Accident, Personal Injury

There were already many drivers around Nashville driving without any automobile coverage before the economy crashed. Driving without coverage is illegal under Tennessee Law, but many people are doing it because they can not afford the insurance. If you get in an accident that is the fault of a driver without insurance, you will have to make a claim under your own uninsured motorist coverage. Many insurance agents may try to talk you out of a high coverage amount, but McNulty & Associates believes it is a good idea to have at least $250,000 in uninsured motorist coverage due to the amount of drivers out there with no insurance. We have seen many accidents in which someone was severely injured, but only had $50,000 of coverage. This increase in coverage will help to protect you in case of serious injuries causes by another driver.

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