Early Voting Open in Tennessee, Remember your ID

15 February 2012 Categories: All Blogs

Early voting opens across Tennessee today. Remember the new law requiring your name and photo on an ID in order to vote. McNulty & Associates encourages all Tennesseans to exercise the right to vote and to become informed on the laws and issues that affect our great state.

The statute in Tennessee regarding early voting is below, and explains why early voting was adopted in Tennessee.

T.C.A. § 2-6-101. Purpose of chapter and part — Construction.

(a) The purpose of this chapter is to provide a means for qualified voters to cast their votes when they would otherwise be unable to vote.

(b) The purpose of this part is to establish an early voting period when eligible registered voters may vote before an election at the county election commission office or another polling place appropriately designated by the county election commission.

(c) To prevent fraud in an election, strict compliance with the provisions of this chapter is required.

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