Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow

05 March 2012 Categories: All Blogs

While most of the news stations are covering the race of the Republican Presidential Nominee, we want you to look into what else is on the ballot. There are many areas that are voted on tomorrow in counties across the state other than Presidential candidates. For example the Democrat primary has some important judicial races. Here is a list of what will be voted on in Davidson County:

1. Presidential candidates
2. Delegate candidates (Republican only) for the 5th and 7th congressional districts*
3. Assessor of Property
4. Criminal Court Clerk
5. General Sessions Judge Div. VIII
6. Circuit Court Div. III
7. Democratic Executive Committee- (committeeman and committeewoman council districts 1-35)

McNulty & Associates encourages you to become informed on all areas that you will be voting on. Many of these local elections, while they may not get the news coverage, will have a big impact on our community. A lot of information can be found about candidates by searching on the internet, but we remind you not to believe everything you read.

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