Divorce FAQ – Tennessee Parenting Plan Form

10 August 2011 Categories: All Blogs, Family Law and Divorce

The attorneys here at McNulty & Associates often get questions regarding what can be included and what should be included in a parenting plan that is developed in a custody or divorce with minor children case. The applicable law in Tennessee can be found at T.C.A. §36-6-404, which states in part:

(d) The administrative office of the courts shall develop a “parenting plan” form that shall be used consistently by each court within the state that approves parenting plans pursuant to § 36-6-403 or § 36-6-404 on and after July 1, 2005. The administrative office of the courts shall be responsible for distributing such form for the use of those courts no later than June 1, 2005. The administrative office of the courts shall be responsible for updating such form as it deems necessary, in consultation with the Tennessee family law commission, the domestic relations committee of the Tennessee judicial conference, and other knowledgeable persons.

We have uploaded a copy of the blank form and can be found here: tennessee parenting plan form.

This parenting plan can be proposed by one party, agreed to by both parties, or ordered by the court. If you are going through a custody or divorce case involving minor children, you should contact a licensed Tennessee lawyer to make sure this plan is developed properly.

McNulty & Associates has helped many of our clients develop a parenting plan that is agreeable by both parties, and more importantly, in the best interest of the children. If you would like to set up a free consultation regarding your parenting plan, contact us today at info@mcnultyassociatestn.com or 615-829-8250.


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