Debt Collection Calls

20 November 2012 Categories: All Blogs

You should watch Jeremy Finley’s News Channel 4 report on people getting phony calls regarding debts. It’s a great story to be aware of. We have had multiple people contact our office regarding debt collections. One of the common ways these companies are getting information is through online check advance websites. Many of these websites have you enter in all of your information and then deny your loan. They then sell off your contact information to phony debt collection companies to attempt to obtain your bank account information.

A number of people have contacted us as well saying that the callers threaten jail time if you do not pay. This is simply untrue. Under the american justice system, you can not go to jail for not paying a consumer debt. This should be a red flag that the company is not legitimate. Legitimate companies have standards under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that they must follow.

If a questionable debt collection call happens to you, try to obtain as much contact information from the company as you can. If they are hesitant to give it to you, it should be another red flag. You should also ask for them to send you written confirmation of the debt, as well as the contract you supposedly signed to pay any amounts. Legitimate debt collection companies should have all of that information.

Additionally, as we shared in our post last week, if you receive a call from someone claiming to be with McNulty & Associates trying to collect a debt, that company is not affiliated in any way with our law firm.

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