Davidson County Jury Duty

28 January 2013 Categories: Nashville Attorney

Earlier this month, I was called in for Jury Duty here in Nashville. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, I wanted to give you some detail so you know what to expect if you are selected for jury duty. First, everyone meets in a big room at the courthouse and you go through some instructions. Next, court officers for civil, domestic, and criminal cases all come in and get the 30 or so computer selected jurors from the juror pool to go up to the courts. Once the 30 potential jurors are in a court, the jury selection process begins. The Judge’s Clerk will call 12 names up to the jury box out of the 30 people. Those 12 will begin the Voir Dire process, in which the attorneys for both parties will ask a series of person questions to try to get to know you. The object of these questions is to try to get a fair jury for their party. A few people will then be kicked off the jury (like I was) and others from the pool of 30 take their spots until 12 people are selected. If you get dismissed or not picked for the jury, you have to return to the jury room and wait for the next trial to begin. This continues for the remainder of the week until there are no more trials. Usually trials are only set for Mondays and Tuesdays in Davidson County, so often times your jury duty is over after Tuesday, or whenever the trial that you are selected for ends. I enjoyed doing my civic duty, and would encourage everyone to take the process seriously if they are called upon. Remember that employers can not punish you for missing work for jury duty and, depending on the size of the company, often have to continue to pay you. If you have any questions about jury duty, including business and employment questions, please contact me.

Luke D. Bottorff
McNulty & Associates

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