Davidson County Divorce Court Changes

19 August 2011 Categories: All Blogs, Family Law and Divorce

McNulty & Associates had a representative at the attorney meeting yesterday held in Davidson County Circuit Court to discuss the changes to how domestic and divorce cases will be heard in Nashville. The current procedure is that the cases are split equally between Judge Soloman in the 8th Circuit Court and Judge Smith in the 4th Circuit Court. The changes, which will take effect September 1st, will send all cases initially to Judge Smith for Motions, but if the case proceeds to trial, it will go to one of the 12 Chancery and Circuit Judges. The Court has asked one of those judges to step up and take over Judge Soloman’s half of the caseload, but so far no one has done that.

These changes will have a major impact on how divorce cases are handled in Nashville moving forward. Many of the judges that may hear a divorce trial will not have as much experience in domestic law, and they will have to rely on the lawyers to provide the law to them more than the current system. Make sure to check our blog regularly for more changes and updates that will take place. You can also read more about the meeting in the Tennessean article.

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