Conservatorships for Families with Special Needs

08 April 2013 Categories: All Blogs, Estate Planning, Nashville Attorney

On Saturday, Luke attended an informational fair in Williamson County, Tennessee for families that have loved ones between 18 and 22 years old with special needs. It was great to meet so many people and agencies that are geared toward helping young adults with disabilities. Luke discussed the importance of having a conservatorship put in place once the family member turns 18. The first question that almost always comes up is, “why does a Court need to tell me I can continue to care for my loved one?” A second question we often receive is, “can I just use a power of attorney?”

Both of these questions are addressed in our Conservatorship FAQ handout that can be found here: Click for Conservatorship Brochure

If you or someone you know may wish to discuss obtaining a conservatorship, McNulty & Associates, PLLC offers free consultations regarding the process. Please give us a call today.

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