Car Accident in Tennessee

24 February 2010 Categories: All Blogs, Car Accident, Personal Injury

Having a car accident in Tennessee is a traumatic and life changing event. What you do immediately after a car accident can affect your health and your chances of recovery after the accident. Here are a few quick things to remember if you have a car accident:

– Remain calm
– Do not move if you are injured
– Do not be afraid to have an ambulance called if you are in extreme pain
– If you are able to exit your car, make sure the other driver has not been injured
– Report the accident to the police so they can investigate the cause
– Make sure you obtain the insurance information for the other driver involved in the accident
– Do not make any statements to the other party’s insurance company
– Call an attorney to find out your rights

For further information, go to the Car Accident section of the website.

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