Can employers monitor your internet in Tennessee?

27 November 2012 Categories: All Blogs, Business Services

This blog might be a day too late, as yesterday was Cyber Monday, the day when many people search online for deals for Christmas gifts they didn’t find on Black Friday or other weekend shopping. Many people admit that they will spend time at work doing personal shopping and wonder if their employer can monitor their personal internet use. If you are working for a private employer in Tennessee and using their computers, they almost always have the right to monitor your internet use, and can take action against you for using company time for personal use. Some employers warn their employees up front about the monitoring, which we believe is a better way to function. That way the employer and employee know what to expect from each other. Many companies create office policies that the employee must sign on the first day of work. A good office policy manual will address personal internet and email use. If you have questions about the policies, you should address the human resources person at your place of employment.

If you are doing some online shopping for Christmas and are not charged sales tax up front, remember our blog about sales and use tax.

McNulty & Associates hopes everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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