We are very honored to have received multiple 5 star reviews on our Google Places page. Below are a few of the recent reviews. Thank you to all of our clients who have taken the time to write something about us.

“I was referred to McNulty & Associates through my employer’s referral program. I was extremely pleased with Michael McNulty. He is very knowledgable and he will work hard for you! Extremely satisfied with these services and I will definitely recommend him.”  – Nashville, TN

“I was very impressed with Michael McNulty serving as my lawyer. My wife surprised me wanting a divorce and it was obvious that she checked out and did not want to work it out. I was feeling helpless and alone and I when shopping for an attorney to get as much visitation time with my daughter as possible. After communicating with four other attorneys I was further depressed about the situation. They were either out of my price range and/or treated me like a paycheck; it was obvious that money was the only thing that mattered to them. My visitation rights was the last thing on there mind. Michael was the fifth attorney I contacted. He listened to me and treated me like a human being. He explained that I did not have to settle for the 80 days that my future ex-wife dictated. After it was all settled, I got 145 days of visitation. In fact, he was able to help me achieve an uncontested divorce. Thank you for making a difficult situation less stressful and all the hard work that you did.” Paul L. – Nashville, TN

“I have dealt with attorneys before and have always been frustrated. That is until I called Michael McNulty. The very first time I called I was able to speak with Michael. I had spent days arguing with the insurance company and had enough. From the moment I spoke with Michael, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. He took care of every detail and was always available if I had a quick question or wanted an update. Most of the time, he would call me just to update me on the most recent events. If you are sick of being talked down to by your attorney or sick of never being able to talk to your attorney, call Michael McNulty. He won a judgment that was three times what the insurance company was offering and he felt like a close a friend throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Michael McNulty!” – Nashville, TN

“Excellent service. I was recommended to McNulty and Associates by a service my employer uses which recommends local legal and medical services to its employees. The first business I was referred to never even called me back. When I left a message for McNulty and Associates, it was followed up same day. I was looking for standard spousal Will setups to take care of my children in case of an accident. He sent documentation to review immediately in email and answered questions I had over the phone before I went in to the office to finalize paperwork. The office portion took 30-60 minutes at the most. Pricing was very reasonable as well. I definitely recommend McNulty and Associates services.” – Nashville, TN

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