2012 Tennessee Traffic Deaths

24 April 2013 Categories: Car Accident, Nashville Attorney, Personal Injury

In 2012, 1023 people lost their lives in traffic related deaths. This number is up from the 937 people in 2011. Over half of the people who lost their lives didn’t have a seat-belt on. 105 people lost their lives with a large truck (semi-truck) involved in the accident. You can see the full report from the State of Tennessee below.

Click for the report by the State of Tennessee:  dailyfatality2012

We encourage everyone to stay safe while on the highways and roads in Tennessee. The report does not have statistics regarding texting, but distracted driving is an issue. Encourage your friends and family to not text and drive, and refrain from doing other things that distract from driving such as reading the paper or putting on makeup. We see these actions on a daily basis as we drive into downtown Nashville.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should contact a Nashville car accident lawyer.

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